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Body Yogurt

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  • The body yogurt is not greasy, absorbs quickly, and feels like wear a thin layer of cinnamon yogurt for the body ,can effectively solves and improves most of the skin's problems:


    1. Contains Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Australian beeswax, which can effectively prevent external invasion, prevent dryness, and moisturizes the body for 24 hours. It can prevent the onset of eczema and reduce the number of episodes.

    2. Contains Lemon and Lime essential oils, and the strong astringent Cinnamon leaf essential oil, combined with massage can helps to reduce edema, prevents wrinkle, such as the back of hand and arm, enhances an antioxidant effect.

    3. Contains Mongongo oil and Rosehip oil. It can helps to improve the cellulite and stretch marks.

    4. Specially added to improve the endocrine dyscrasia of Frankincense essential oil, with massage can warm up the uterus, improve the discomfort caused by dysmenorrhea and menopause .

    5. Jojoba oil and Petitgrain oil can effectively improve the problem of handeczem , and kept the hands smooth and not dry.


    USE: Massage the body yogurt evenly over the body, including the neck and hands. Add 3 drops of Mongongo Oil or Flawless Cleansing Oil (without emulsifier) for partial massage to improve cellulite and warm up the uterus.