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Bulgaria Rose Otto Hydrosol 100ml

SKU: 0006
  • Experience to our new packaging with amazing molecular spray!

    This top quality food grade Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol is not leftover water, but the purest direct product by steaming distilled from thousands of Bulgaria fresh Rose Damascena petals without processing oil water separation. Contains high content of Rose Damascana Essential Oil, perfectly treats skin problems and has significant results on: 


    *Balance for oily skin 

    *Clean up the dirts from inner layer 

    *Fast reduce Acne inflammation 

    *Antiallergic, reduce redness & itching 



    Scent: Fresh an light Damascena Rose scent                                      


    USE: Apply daily as a Tone after cleansing or whenever skin feels dry. Also can use as a face mask with makeup cotton and leave for 8-10 mins. No need to wash off.                


    CAUTION: For external. Avoid direct sunlight and place in a cool temperature. Not suitable for pregnancy. If skin gets allergy, redness or itching, discontinue use

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