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Mongongo Oil

SKU: 0009
  • Mongongo oil, also known as Manketti oil, is produced in Zambia, South Africa. It is 100% cold pressed organic oil from the fruit of the Manketti tree and retains the active ingredients of mongongo. BE.ST was the first Australian brand to introduce mongongo oil and named it “夢之果油”


    Mongongo oil is very effective. Unlike ordinary fruit oil, this seed contains about Linoleic Acid (38%), Keto Acid (29%), Oleic Acid (15%), and it is polymerized under UV light. A protective film that quickly forms on the skin or hair.




    Natural physics anti-UV, powerful lock moisture, enhance skin elasticity, anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation. This oil contains a natural rich nutty flavor.


    1. Linoleic acid contains high levels of Omega6 & Omega9: Omega6 cannot be produced by the human body. It belongs to the body's essential fatty acids and is very important to the human body. Two kinds of unsaturated fatty acids can effectively reduce water loss, have soft skin, reduce skin inflammation, promote surface circulation and other effects, while promoting cell repair, reorganization and regeneration, the skin becomes shiny and brightening.


    2. Contains Natural Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus: Minerals needed by human body to form a protective film on the surface of skin to achieve effective UV protection. African women are often used as sun protection.


    3. Rich vitamin B family: Strong moisturizing, enhances metabolism of immune system, maintains healthy and skin relaxation


    4. 565mg Vitamin E: Strong anti-oxidant, anti-free radicals, even if the temperature of 40 degrees in Africa can still achieve anti-oxidant effect, while maintaining the oil quality.


    5. Rich in vitamin C: Whitening, repair damaged skin, promote collagen regeneration


    6. Can help eliminate neck lines, stretch marks, dry lines, fine lines.


    This product is suitable for any skin type, including pregnant women. The texture is non-greasy and easily penetrates into the cuticle to form a protective film against external aggressions.


    The following usage is for reference only:

    For oily, sensitive or combination skin, can be used together with RoseOtto Hydrosol / Hydration Firming Essence Gel + Renew Lotion, about 3 drops, can be adjusted according to skin quality.


    For dry skin, can be used alone, about 3 drops after the RoseOtto Hydrosol / Hydration Firming Essence Gel , or together with Hydration Firming Essence Gel + Renew Lotion, about 4 drops.

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