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Organic Juicy Makeup Remover 125ml

  • Our unique juicy formula gathers thousands of super fruits and plants nutrition that enriched its own vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, includes the precious Australian native flowers and fruits which grew in a natural greenland that absorbs earth energy. 

    "Juicy makeup remover" achieves the skin "purify energy" effect in two simple touching steps: 

    One touch: Effectively removes the dirt, makeup, impurities and pollutants accumulated on the skin every day, soften the stratum corneum, the pores breath and feels clean 

    Second touch: Purify the negative energy of skin with the spirit of natural flowers and super fruits, , Skin gets regenerating, outstanding, more fresh and brightened. 


    Negative energy exchange

    We receive different negative vibrations like a radio every day. For example: When the people around you or the environment produce negative emotions, you will unconsciously receive these negative energies. The brain will be directly affected if we, as a human being, is not able to deal with or control the negative energy, so our mind, health will be. Finally, skin is reflected by dullness . People with negative energy always have a dull skin that is unable to be wiped away. 


    The negative energies is removed by skin absorbing the flower and fruit essential oils , and through the nose by breathing the earth cleanse energy in the "Juicy makeup remover". The positive emotion is uplifted, Stressed skin is truly cleaned. Dullness of skin is finally wiped aways.


    25 effective natural flowers and super fruits:

    • Aloe vera 
    • Acai berry 
    • Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Juice 
    • Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract 
    • Sambucus nigra (Elderflower) Extract 
    • Silybum marianum(Milk Thistle) Seed Extract 
    • Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry) Fruit Extract 
    • Carica papaya (Paw Paw) Fruit Extract 
    • Prunus persica (Peach) Fruit Extract 
    • Telopea speciosissima (Waratah) Flower Extract 
    • Beta vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract 
    • Camellia sinensis (White Tea) Extract 
    • Prunus avium (Sweet Cherry) Extract 
    • Hylocereus costaricensis (Dragon Fruit) Extract 
    • Kunzea pomifera (Emu Apple) Extract 
    • Echinacea purpurea Extract 
    • Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) Bark Extract 
    • Syzygium luehmannii (Riberry) Extract(Lilli pilli) 
    • Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil* 
    • Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) Oil* 
    • Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil 
    • Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil* 
    • Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood) Oil*  
    • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*  
    • Glycerine 


  • 100% Natural

    93.25% Certified organic

    Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*, Euterpe oleracea (Acai) BerryExtract* (and) Aqua, Glycerin*, Propanediol**, Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Juice*, Glycerin (and) Sodium Levulinate (and) Sodium Anisate**, Decyl Glucoside, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract*(and) Ethanol*, Sambucus nigra (Elderflower) Extract*, Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) Seed Extract, Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry) Fruit Extract,Carica papaya (Paw Paw) Fruit Extract*, Prunus persica (Peach) Fruit Extract, Telopea speciosissima (Waratah) Flower Extract, Beta vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract*, Camellia sinensis (White Tea) Extract*, Prunusavium (Sweet Cherry) Extract, Hylocereus costaricensis (Dragon Fruit) Extract, Kunzea pomifera (Emu Apple) Extract, Echinacea purpureaExtract*, Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) Bark Extract*, Syzygium luehmannii (Riberry) Extract, Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil*, Boswelliacarterii (Frankincense) Oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil,Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil*, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood)Oil*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Citric Acid

    **-Certified Organic

    **Propanediol:Natural Preservative booster, 1,3 Propanediol, derived by Sugar, palm oil free

    **Sodium Levulinate (and) Sodium Anisate:Extracted from fennel, natural anti-bacterial ingredient

    **Decyl Glucoside: Naturally derived from coconut

    **Citric Acid: Natural preservative derived from lemon

    Made in Australia


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