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Highly disinfect 

Organic Spray Deodorant 30ml (Multifunction anti-inflammation)


    "Multi-functional antibacterial" organic deodorant spray contains high content of organic ethanol, which is fermented by Wheat, Corn or Sugar Cane, that is similar to the wine fermented by wine, it is usually added in an appropriate amount to the wine. The anti-bacterial ability is more significant than the chemical Alcohol IPA isopropanol. It can effectively achieve 99.9% disinfection and anti-inflammatory, improve the defense system, and can be targeted for antibacterial effects on the body and hands! Moreover, it exerts strong force without harming skin and health.

    It has significant effect on the underarm body odor (stink fox) problem. It can effectively sterilize, anti-inflammatory, reduce body odor, and prevent sweating under the armpits. it will keep you fragrant and fresh for 24 hours!

    Aparts from being used underarms, it can also be used:

    1. "Hand protection disinfectant": sprayed directly on the palm and spread evenly, it can effectively kill bacteria more than 99.9%.

    2. Can also be used as a spray on a pillowcase, which can reduce and prevent dust mites.

    3. If there is inflammated acne on the face, you can firstly spray it on the palm of your hand, and then use your finger to point the spray on the acne. This step is completed in the last step of the skincare routine or after hydrosol.



    1. Although organic ethanol is extracted by natural fermentation, it is alcohol type. Be sure to avoid open flames or flames, for example: avoid spraying at the beginning of flames when eating tobacco, cooking rice, etc.

    2. If the underarm is infected or has had epilation, and there is a wound, it is recommended to spray it on the palm first, and then apply it to the underarm use finger tips. If there is a giggle phenomenon, it is normal and should disappear after 10-20 seconds. If it does not disappear over 5 minutes, wash with water.

    3. Although it can be used as hand disinfection spray , it is not recommended to take food by hand because of the concentrated plant essential oil.

    4. Avoid direct spray to face skin, because strong sterilization function, direct spray has the opportunity to stimulate young facial skin


    Made in Australia


    All ingredients:

    100% all natural

    93.9% certified organic ingredients

    Contains natural ethanol (natural fungicide), no synthetic or petroleum preservatives, no aluminum (heavy metals), no talc, no propylene glycol Propylene glycol, no isopropanol (chemical alcohol), no diethanolamine or triethanolamine (DEA / TEA) and other harmful chemical synthesis


    Chamomile extract and ethanol *, aloe vera gel * (and) purified water, decyl glucoside (natural surfactant), lemon myrtle oil *, lavender oil *, tea tree oil *, cedarwood oil *, sodium citrate ( Natural antioxidants), Tri potassium citrate monohydrate (natural emulsifier), citric acid (natural antioxidant)

    Made in Australia

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