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Renewing Eye Serum

SKU: 0016
  • This luxury, easy-to-absorb eye serum is enriched with Bulgaria Rose Damascena and Neroli essential oils, providing substantial nutrients to the inner cells around eye areas, achieve fantastic results in reducing dark circles, repairs, lifting, and smooths the fine lines.    


    Six top organic certified ingredients:

    1. Bulgarian Rose Damascus essential oil: contains nutrients, triterpenoids (anti-aging), can quickly enter to the bottom layer of the skin, fully activate cells, stimulate collagen regeneration, achieve hydration, moisturizing, cleansing, brightening, convergence and anti-aging effects

    2. French Neroli essential oil: known as queen of the flower, it breaks down the melanin, achieving whitening, detoxification and purification effects. The taste is bitter, it fully exerts its powerful effect when combined with the Rose Damascus essential oil, and the fragrance is charming and noble.

    3. Moroccan Geranium essential oil: enhances cell resistance, promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

    4. Chilean Rosehip oil: it is extracted by cold-pressed method ,contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin C. It has a strong lightening effect on fine lines and pigmentation. It can moisturizes the dehydration skin effectively.

    5. Ginseng extract: anti-oxidation, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects for sensitive skin, it also enhances elasticity and moisturizing effects.

    6. Raspberry extract: Contains rich vitamin C, resists free radical to damage the cells, improves skin healthy and brightening



    For Oily skin with little wrinkles , fine lines

    1) Moring: Mix Renewing Eye Serum 1 pump with Secret Eye Treatment 1.0, then apply around eye skin

    2)Night: Mix Renewing Eye Serum 1 pump with Luxury Magic Oil 2.0, then apply around eye skin

    For Dry Skin with wrinkles:

    Moring & Night:

    1) Mix Renewing Eye Serum 1 pump with Secret Eye Treatment 1.0, then apply the first layer around eye skin,

    2) Then apply Luxury Magic Oil 2.0 as the second layer around eye skin 


    CAUTION: External use only. Avoid in touch with eyes. Wash with water immediately if contact with eyes. Store in the dry and cool place. 


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