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Rosehip Body Exfoliator

SKU: 0020
  • Rosehip is used as a exfoliator, which does not damage the skin. Although it is made with more than 90% vegetable oil, it is not greasy. After scrubbing, it can make the skin smooth and soft without thick layer of grease cover the skin.


    1. Unclogs pores, rub off the body's stubborn dirt and excess oil from the pore.

    2. Removes body acne and blackhead.

    3. Exfoliates, peels off the hard keratin and regenerates new keratin, including ankle.

    4. Helps to fine the neckline and smooths the elbow.

    5. Improves metabolism, brightening, such as the skin under the armpits and hidden parts.

    6. Becomes smooth and soft.


    USE : Apply evenly on moist skin, then gently massage, wash off with warm water. Once or twice a week.


    ⚠️CAUTION : Avoid scabbing after the laser treatment or there is a wound.

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