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Snow White Steam Face Towel

  • 1.Made of high quality 100% cotton certified by the European Union Oeko Tex Standard 100

    2.Pure cotton in the combed cotton process called "CombedCotton"

    3.‍The combed cotton process uses longest and neat fiber of the highest quality in cotton

    4.‍Compound comb is not easy to pilling

    5.Compound comb is more breathable than general cotton, quick drying after washing, reducing bacterial growth

    6.Soft and easy to wash, high air permeability, strong water absorption

    7.The texture is soft and thick, but it can hold the heat for more than 30 seconds. fluorescer

    9.Size : 32cmX35cm, just covering the forehead to the neck

    The weight of the cotton cloth is about 450 GSM, and GSM is one of the keys to determining the quality of the towel. 450GSM or above is considered as high quality.

    10.Does not contain rayon

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